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Episode 123: Healing Hands and Hardened Hearts - Spider and Shelle Review ”Resurrection (1980)”

This week, we look at the 1980 cult classic "Resurrection' and give it our usual spin. When a young woman has a near death experience, she returns with the power to heal, but her refusal to "give God the glory" raises the hackles of some of the people in her rural Kansas town. Why are Christians so put off by love when it presents in any legitimate way? Because when you serve a self-proclaimed "jealous god" who always needs the spotlight on HIM, bad things happen when he doesn't get it. Three more stories of abject Christian tomfoolery round out this week's Christians behaving badly.

Episode 122: The Power Vested in YOU: The Pros and Cons of Getting Married

There are many reasons why people still want to get married and some are not just valid, but also very smart. There are also many more reasons that getting married is an overall bad idea. We're going to look at both sides of the argument and compare all the pros and cons so YOU can decide if getting married would be a good move in your life. 

Episode 121: Feelings, Voices, and Difficult Choices - Understanding Bereavement Hallucinations

An astonishing number of people, across all religious and non-religious lines, believe that deceased loved ones are still playing a role in their lives. While that will always be true in the case of memory and reflection, what happens when our brains start feeding us data that suggests that these people are still there and still interacting with us in real time? We look at this question and more this week along with three more cringe-worthy entries into the files of Christians Behaving Badly.

Episode 120: Take Your Luggage With You - Spider and Shelle Review Joe vs. the Volcano

Life is full of problems. We face new ones every day. But some people never learn that you can't just dump your problems on someone else and let them handle them. But that's precisely what one man tries to do in this multi-layered comedy that makes a few serious, and accurate, points about how life just doesn't work. Crack open an orange Jump with us and settle in for the tale of Joe vs. The Volcano, complete with our Christians Behaving Badly newsreel that's just bursting with more face-palming moments than a marathon of prosperity gospel sermons. 

Episode 119: Twelve Step Programs: Let’s Admit They Have a Problem

The effectiveness of 12-step problems is a lot smaller than any of the organizations that fall under their cover would ever want to admit. Around here, we don't have that problem. We're going to have a frank conversation about 12-step programs, why they rarely work, and how they try to hide their real agenda: conversion and control. This along with two more stories from the files of Christians Behaving Badly along with one more huge reason why those who understand the difference between right and wrong need to get to the polls this November.

Episode 118: ”The Way They Should Go…” - The Effects of Toxic Christian Parenting

What happens when child rearing turns deadly? And what about the ones who survive? There is so much toxicity in the messaging about Christian parenting that, in some cases, discipline has turned to murder. In lesser cases, toxic parenting can have lifelong effects on a person's mental and emotional wellbeing, but worse, on how they raise their kids. Join us for this conversation as well as a surprisingly uplifting edition of Christians Behaving Badly. No, seriously.... 

Episode 117: Vacation Bible School - Adventures in Child Indoctrination

With its colorful signs, aggressive recruitment campaigns, and promises of Summer fun for kids, Vacation Bible School (or VBS) is nothing more than a front for using five days to aggressively indoctrinate children with Christian doctrine. Spider and Shelle take listeners on a tour of this movement and the methods it employs to ensnare the young with appealing themes, music, games. food, and more. That and more from the files of Christians Behaving Badly round out this week's episode.

EPISODE 116: Where Too Many Have Gone Before: Spider and Shelle Review Star Trek V

What DOES God need with a starship? And if God needs a starship, what do we need with God? We MADE the starship, right? We're finally back and excited to deliver to you our review of Star Trek V: The Final frontier, a few stardates late, but well worth the wait. Christians behaving badly steers us into the aftermath of Roe and more killing in the name of... just to make the point that much more clear.

Episode 115: So You Want to Be a Pastor? Here’s What You Can Expect

So your youth pastor has convinced you to go to bible college and pursue a life of full-time ministry. Well, as the saying goes: misery loves company. Does someone else have the right, the room, or the authority to tell you to do any such thing? And what can you expect after four years prostrate to the decidedly NOT higher mind in Bible college? You may get your paper, but you'll be far from free. What wonders and adventures await a first-year youth pastor? What are the realities that actaully await them? Spider flies solo for this very real, very frank, and necessarily uncomfortable look at these and other questions this week, with a literally caustic Christians Behaving Badly segment to kick things off.

Episode 114: Patriotism Vs. Nationalism - What Makes Them Different?

There is a great divide between the mindset and actions of patriotism and those of nationalism. In this episode, we explore the stark contrast between being proud of your country for what it is and being proud of what it isn't. This conversation follows well on the heels of last week's discussion and offers a few more warnings about why mixing religion with government is just bad policy.  Three stories that sound like they could have come straight out of Naziism round out this week's Christians behaving Badly segment.

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