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Episode 109: Killing In The Name Of… - A Brief History of Christian Violence

It didn't take long for the persecuted church to become the persecutor. This is the story of what happens when you mix politics with a religion already headed by a deity who solves every problem he faces with violence and murder. We look at a few early examples of Christian violence and make some irrefutable contemporary parallels between the crusades and the Inquisition a(s)and more modern examples of Christian hate turned violent.  In Christians behaving badly news, it's blessed insurance, an encouraging word from our friends to the north and a true story of a nightmare at 30,000 feet. 

Episode 108: Through The Illusion (and Into Reality) - Spider and Shelle Review ”The Spirit of Albion”

In our latest dive into our Unbound at the Movies series, we look at a movie that can only be described as Pagan Evangelism: Egotrip Productions' "The Spirit of Albion." All the tactics you see in a typical evangelical church service, youth play, or movie are represented. We take a look at the many parallels that exist between the messaging of this movie and that of a typical evangelical church, youth group, or ministry. Trigger warning for Kenneth Copeland in this week's Christians Behaving Badly segment.

Episode 107: Christians Behaving Badly: XL Edition

The episode that almost wasn't... well, we said we'd be back this week and, well, here we are, doing things a little differently than usual. Four stories from the files of Christians Behaving Badly and a sneak peek at what's coming up next. It's CCB: XL Edition!

Episode 106: Can’t Watch That - Understanding the Ethics of Porn

In the most secular of terms, it's not even a question whether consuming porn is moral or ethical. The real question is: what are you consuming? How can you tell the difference between content made with consent and content that isn't? These questions matter and we'll be discussing them and much more in this episode.  

Episode 105: The Finger, The Shroud, and the Holy Goat - Church Relics and Enchanted Objects

The notion of objects having religious power is as old as religion itself but no other religion has cornered the market on the marketing of religious relics quite the way Christianity has. We look that how religious relics are used to reinforce the concept of belief and how evangelicalism capitalizes on people's tendency to gravitate toward material things that have potential to validate their faith. Join us for that conversation along with two more entries from the files of Christians Behaving Badly.

Episode 104: Gods in Three Persons - The Ancient Concept of Trinities

The concept of the trinity is far from unique to Christianity. In fact, it dates as far back as human history will go. We look at some of the examples fro throughout history and across religious lines that confirm it: the trinity is just one more thing the Church decided to counterfeit to further its own agenda. And if it's a counterfeit, what power does it have? All this plus two more cringe-worthy stories from the files of Christians behaving badly.

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Episode 103: Was Jesus Real? The Problem With Proving a Negative

It's a tough spot to be in - knowing that something isn't real but not having enough proof to back up your position. The truth is, the Jesus of the Bible isn't real, but is it possible that someone like him once lived and stirred things up in Palestine? The answers may surprise you. We tackle this topic along with a heaping helping of blood-boiling audacity in this week's Christians Behaving Badly trifecta.

Episode 102: Protecting Innocence? - Spider and Shelle Review ”The Village”

Everyone experiences grief and loss at some point in their lives and there are constructive ways of dealing with it. But one group of 19th century settlers had a unique way of dealing with theirs. Sorrow, pain, grief... these things follow you everywhere and this is a hard lesson that the elders of this village are learning the hard way. Enjoy this deep dive into a movie that explains eloquently how fear is used to both keep people compliant and submissive and provide a false sense of security and safety at the same time.

EPISODE 101: Biblical Contradictions - Errors in the Inerrant Word of God

In another instance of "we could do an entire podcast on this..." Spider and Shelle examine a TINY sampling of the ways the Bible contradicts itself and how some of these contradictions have the ability to unravel some of the most important doctrines in evangelical faith. Our Christians Behaving Badly segment showcases an incomplete prophetic pass, a pastor who can't figure out how NOT to be an ass, and more Greg Locke lunacy... 'nuff said?

Episode 100: Suffering For Jesus? The Evangelical Persecution Complex

"Talk about suffering here below..." and you MUST be talking about something other than Christians in America. The sense of entitlement that evangelicals in America possess is truly next level and their definition of persecution just goes to prove that they have no idea what being persecuted is. This week, we look at the evangelical persecution complex phenomenon and set the record straight about what religious persecution is and what it isn't. Also, in an odd twist, it's Christians calling out other Christians

and one teen badass with a message for evangelicals that tried to infiltrate his high school this week on Christians behaving badly.

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