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Episode 117: Vacation Bible School - Adventures in Child Indoctrination

With its colorful signs, aggressive recruitment campaigns, and promises of Summer fun for kids, Vacation Bible School (or VBS) is nothing more than a front for using five days to aggressively indoctrinate children with Christian doctrine. Spider and Shelle take listeners on a tour of this movement and the methods it employs to ensnare the young with appealing themes, music, games. food, and more. That and more from the files of Christians Behaving Badly round out this week's episode.

EPISODE 116: Where Too Many Have Gone Before: Spider and Shelle Review Star Trek V

What DOES God need with a starship? And if God needs a starship, what do we need with God? We MADE the starship, right? We're finally back and excited to deliver to you our review of Star Trek V: The Final frontier, a few stardates late, but well worth the wait. Christians behaving badly steers us into the aftermath of Roe and more killing in the name of... just to make the point that much more clear.

Episode 115: So You Want to Be a Pastor? Here’s What You Can Expect

So your youth pastor has convinced you to go to bible college and pursue a life of full-time ministry. Well, as the saying goes: misery loves company. Does someone else have the right, the room, or the authority to tell you to do any such thing? And what can you expect after four years prostrate to the decidedly NOT higher mind in Bible college? You may get your paper, but you'll be far from free. What wonders and adventures await a first-year youth pastor? What are the realities that actaully await them? Spider flies solo for this very real, very frank, and necessarily uncomfortable look at these and other questions this week, with a literally caustic Christians Behaving Badly segment to kick things off.

Episode 114: Patriotism Vs. Nationalism - What Makes Them Different?

There is a great divide between the mindset and actions of patriotism and those of nationalism. In this episode, we explore the stark contrast between being proud of your country for what it is and being proud of what it isn't. This conversation follows well on the heels of last week's discussion and offers a few more warnings about why mixing religion with government is just bad policy.  Three stories that sound like they could have come straight out of Naziism round out this week's Christians behaving Badly segment.

Episode 113: The Greatest Nation? - Why America Isn’t

With an average of one school shooting a week, the worst-managed healthcare system on the planet and an education system that sets every American student up for failure, it's difficult to see how anyone can look at the United States and think it's the greatest ANYTHING... because it just plain isn't. We look that these concepts and more along with three more rage-inducing examples of Christians not only behaving badly, but criminally in this week's episode.

Episode 112: Scared to God - Spider and Shelle Review ”A Thief in the Night”

When your religion needs to use scare tactics and hyper-emotionalism to sell its product, something MUST be wrong with it. This week, we look at the original Christian horror flick - one that has left many people scarred and afraid, primarily the young. Join us for an in-depth discussion of not just the narrative, but the shameless way this movie promotes its agenda even to the point of demonstrating the trauma it instills. This along with three more stories from the files of Christians behaving badly.

Episode 111: ThePro-Life Fallacy - Why Abortion Needs To Stay Legal

Isn't it amazing just how much more pro-life abortion advocates are than the alleged pro-lifers who are trying to set back women's rights by almost fifty years? It's true and we're going to demonstrate how in this very uncomfortable but very necessary discussion on a subject that, whether "they" want to admit it or not, affects all of us. The conversation even spills over into Christians behaving badly this week. We just can't get away from it...

Episode 110: Purity, Delusion, and Death - Toxic Messaging In Christian Music

Evangelicals derive more about doctrine, dogma, and the ins and outs of their faith from the music they listen to than they do sermons or even (or *especially*) the bible. In this episode, we take a look at some of the prevailing toxic themes that have been the undercurrent of Christian music for years - in some cases, centuries. Roe V. Wade and other Supreme Discord antics fill out our Christian behaving Badly segment.

Episode 109: Killing In The Name Of… - A Brief History of Christian Violence

It didn't take long for the persecuted church to become the persecutor. This is the story of what happens when you mix politics with a religion already headed by a deity who solves every problem he faces with violence and murder. We look at a few early examples of Christian violence and make some irrefutable contemporary parallels between the crusades and the Inquisition a(s)and more modern examples of Christian hate turned violent.  In Christians behaving badly news, it's blessed insurance, an encouraging word from our friends to the north and a true story of a nightmare at 30,000 feet. 

Episode 108: Through The Illusion (and Into Reality) - Spider and Shelle Review ”The Spirit of Albion”

In our latest dive into our Unbound at the Movies series, we look at a movie that can only be described as Pagan Evangelism: Egotrip Productions' "The Spirit of Albion." All the tactics you see in a typical evangelical church service, youth play, or movie are represented. We take a look at the many parallels that exist between the messaging of this movie and that of a typical evangelical church, youth group, or ministry. Trigger warning for Kenneth Copeland in this week's Christians Behaving Badly segment.

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