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SHOW NOTES: Episode 5 & 6 - Why Bible College is a Bad Idea Parts 1 & 2

January 25, 2020

It took over two and a half hours to tell this story and there are still things we left out. I figure, "save some of it for later episodes..." right? The key message I want to convey here is that if you are considering going to bible college, don't. If you are, quit. Do something worthwhile with your intellect.

There are so many things to hate about the bible college experience, I'm just going to leave it to these folks to explain it in depth:

Insane Rules





Gender Biases

Female dress codes - https://www.cracked.com/personal-experiences-1688-5-awful-realities-fundamentalist-christian-college.html


Psychological Abuse

http://www.bobthune.com/2009/09/why-you-shouldnt-go-to-seminary/  Seminary graduates tend to exit with heads full of theology, but without worshipful hearts or authentic relationships with non-Christians.”



But the best thing I learned through this whole thing? Shelle and I went to the second worst school in America in terms of return on investment in the education you get. Second worst in the entire fucking country. What school is it? Ideally, I'd prefer you just listen to the episode before clicking, but it's right here. And it's from Forbes so, you know, it's credible. Second worst in the nation. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.


These were easily the most irritating and most exciting episodes to record yet. Irritating because, really, who wants to remember all this shit? Most exciting because we might save some people from the experience.