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SHOW NOTES: Episode 3: Fundamental Flaws Part 2: Glossolalia - Why You Thought You Were Speaking In Tongues

January 11, 2020

Segment #1: Christians Behaving Badly: Project Blitz

We Start out with a segment on Project Blitz, headed up by my illustrious co-host. This is a very scary concept - one fueled by evangelical thought and the ever-accompanying misinformation and pseudo-science. 


The Guardian: Project Blitz - The Legislative Assault By Christian Nationalists to Reshape America


Segment #2: Fundamental Flaws Part 2: Glossolalia (Why You Thought You Were Speaking In Tongues)

This is one of the most damaging of the pentecostal-evangelical fundamental flaws and we will go into some of the many reasons why. Shelle and I both share our experiences and map out how pastors and church leaders steer people's thought processes toward seeking the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. I share a few surprising facts about glossolalia and the people who practice it, and issue a challenge to anyone looking to get or stay unbound about their experiences with this very manipulative and, in many cases, both emotionally and mentally taxing tenet of evangelical faith.



The New York Times: A Neuroscientific Look at Speaking in Tongues

The Atlantic: Anyone Can Speak In Tongues

TheAwl.com: I Faked SPeaking In Tongues