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SHOW NOTES: Episode 2: “The 16 (Give or Take) Fundamental Flaws Part 1″ (Available 12/8)

December 4, 2019

Impossible Science

This literally came together minutes before we started recording. This crackpot bill in Ohio that completely throws out any semblance of scientific sense and threatens doctors with CRIMINAL CHARGES if they fail to do the equivalent of turning water into wine. Shelle has a lot to say about the issue and it was great to see her so in her element as we laid down the audio for her segment. 

Women's issues will be a big part of this show and I am putting a call out to all men to listen intently, especially those coming out of evangelical faith. Their misogynistic principles run deep, even when we consciously try to suppress the thoughts they govern.

As ex-evangelical men, we have a particular responsibility to be sensitive to the particular struggles facing women under the constraints of evangelical dogma (even those who aren't evangelicals themselves) and to make a conscious effort to understand women's issues. There is still plenty that we, as men, are quite oblivious to as a result of the way we were taught to think in that setting and we need to listen up. 





Fundamental Flaws

This episode marks the first in a series where Shelle and I will attempt to dissect the basic tenets of evangelical faith and expose the agenda behind each. Every one of these core beliefs has one and it always revolves around one basic concept: control. These are things you must believe if you're a good Christian. So much for "ask and receive." In this episode, we respond to the first five of these, using the statement of faith of one of the most prominent evangelical organizations in the world, covering the following subjects:

  • Biblical Inspiration
  • Only One God?
  • The deity of Jesus
  • The Fall of [Humankind]
  • The Salvation of [Humankind]

While I still pause speaking in specific terms about anything on the show, this is the basis for the series and, yes I was an AG boy all the way...

I suppose if LPOTL can say "Mormon" a kajillion times I can say Assemblies of God...


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